Roofing Contractors Insurance & Auto Coverage

Roofing Contractors Insurance & Auto Coverage

Roofing Contractors Commercial General Liability & Business Auto coverage. Cost Savings and immediate coverage




A roof is one of a home’s most important safety components, so mistakes in your work could open you up to severe liability. Also, working up high creates the risk of injuring someone down below. To protect yourself, you need to make sure you have the right roofing contractor insurance.

What Insurance Coverage Do Roofing Contractors Need?

Roofing contractors need several different types of coverage to be fully insured. You can buy them separately or as part of a roofing contractor insurance package. Most roofing contractors will select the following types of coverage.

Commercial General Liability

Commercial general liability protects you against liability to third parties. This includes things like dropping a tool on someone and injuring them or having a house get flooded because of a mistake one of your workers made while installing a roof. General liability typically covers property damage, injuries, and the associated legal expenses that come with settling a claim.

For specialized work, such as recommending a specific type of roof, your insurance company may ask you to add professional liability coverage to your policy. Professional liability insurance covers similar claims to general liability insurance, but when the cause of a claim is related to your professional expertise, some insurance companies split that off into separate professional liability coverage.

Commercial Property Insurance

Liability insurance protects others, not your own tools and equipment. If you want protection against theft and disaster damage, you need commercial property insurance. If you own a warehouse or office, you can also get commercial property insurance to protect your physical building.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Vehicle-related claims require a separate insurance policy and aren’t covered by general liability or property coverage. That’s just the way insurance works. You need protection in case you get in an accident during your workday or if you injure someone or back into something while moving your vehicle around a job site. Note that if you have personal auto insurance on a vehicle you use in your work, it generally won’t cover you for business-related claims.

Workers’ Compensation

If you have employees in Arizona, you probably have to have workers’ compensation coverage by law. It’s also a smart idea to protect your business. If a worker falls off a roof or gets hurt on the job, workers’ compensation will cover their medical expenses and lost wages. Without this coverage, it’s possible that you would have to cover these expenses on your own.

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