Mortgage Protection protects your loved ones

The HMS Payment protector is a decreasing  life insurance from Ameico Financial Life and Annunity Insurance Co designed to help protect your mortgage payment in the event of your death.  The death benefit is paid to your beneficiary in monthly income payments.  The payment may cover all or a portion of your mortgage payment, or provide an income to help take care of other financial obligations they may incur when you are gone. 

Some of the reasons to consider the HMS Plus Payment Protector :

1) Death Benefit designed to protect the mortage oayment.

2) A traditional policy covering the entire mortgage principal balance is to costly.

3) There is concern that a beneeficiary will mis handle a lup sum death benefit.

4) To Supplement a traditional life insurance policy with a monthly income large enough to help cover the cost of taxes and insurance on a home.

When you purchase



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